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Welcome to Alveley Cricket Club

ALVELEY CRICKET CLUB is one of the most hospitable and friendly village cricket clubs who have over the years risen to our present position of being one of the finest in South Shropshire. Alveley Cricket Club (Clubmarked) and Focus Club for Shropshire provides a safe & enjoyable environment for players, children, wives and girlfriends. We have pleasure in welcoming you into our extended family and whether you are a player, a watcher, or just a lover of sunny afternoons we hope you will enjoy your time with us as much as we will enjoy your company. Join us in 2015 - All you need to know here


2nd Ground/School Development

During the past 7 years the club has been delivering Chance 2 Shine at Alveley School. The benefits of this project have been fantastic for the club and the school pupils. Alveley Cricket Club and Alveley School wanted to extend this work by applying for external funding to improve the schoolsport facilities.

As part of the development a feasibility study was carried out by a Sport England approved specialist by the School. The results of the survey indicated that the school field and its facilities are too small and didnt meet the recommended criteria for pitch sizes for cricket and a number of other sports. As a result the project would not attract funding, not one to give up we did submit two applications. Unfortunatly both have now been rejected due to the above reasons. The cricket club is still in urgent need for a 2nd ground to allow us to continue to grow and offer opportunities for both young and old. We are working with landowers and will have further details shortly.

Junior Coaching - For 5+

Come along every Friday evening 6.15pm and enjoy a drink as well as watching the junior coaching. The Pavilion is open to the whole community, come along and enjoy a great night out. 1st session FREE.







New cricket photos online now 7.04.2015

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